Nature Park Necker Valley

The Nature Park Necker Valley is located in the heart of Eastern Switzerland and covers over 100 square kilometers. The romantic wild Necker River, which passes by numerous natural, cultural and historic treasures, flows right through the middle of the park.

The Irrigation Channels of Nendaz : The Historic Water Trail

Scorched by the sun and difficult to access, the steep Valais hillsides are often watered using the so-called "suonen", or irrigation channels. Dug into the ground, hanging from rocks or carved from them, they are a constant reminder of the farmers' struggle against drought. Today, picturesque hiking trails follow these historic water channels.

A wonderful waterworld: 100 kilometres of hiking trails run through the sun-drenched Nendaz region along these historic irrigation channels.

The Swiss Path - Hiking in Historic Cantons

The Swiss Path leads to historic sites pertaining to the Swiss Confederation. The path is divided into stages that are partially wheelchair-accessible, and can be reached by ship or by train. Overnight stays are possible at the end of some of the trails.