Dent Blanche: Queen of the Alps

The Dent Blanche (4357m) is a largely ice-free peak in the Valais High Alps... with its name possibly originating from a cartographic mix-up. (Blanche = white). Dent Blanche is just 10km west of Zermatt, between the Val d'Herens, Val d'Anniviers and Mattertal, on the linguistic divide between French and German in the Upper Valais.

Tour de Moron

The imposing 30-meter-high tower at Moron was designed by Mario Botta. The view from the top extends far across the first Jura chain up to the Alpine arc, from the Säntis to the Montblanc. In the north the Vosges and the Black Forest come into view.

The Chaumont Panorama Tower

The 15-minute ride aboard the colorful funicular to the Chaumont is a taste of the things to come atop the mountain.