Visit the power plant „Electricity Production”

In the winter the Grimsel world is steeped in tranquility and solitude. But deep in the mountain, life continues to pulsate. Here the turbines of the power plant of Oberhasli run at full blast throughout the year.

Creating electricity from water is wonderful technology: hidden in the mountains, built for generations and absolutely safe. A pleasure for visitors to experience.

Visit to the Gold Mine on the Simplon

Over 100 years ago, the border village of Gondo employed up to 500 workers in the gold mines. On a guided tour, visitors gather useful information on the history of gold and become fascinated by the yellow precious metal.

Versuchs Stollen Hagerbach AG

Ever since1970, test, research and development work in the field of tunnel construction has been carried out in real-life conditions here, in partnership with universities and private organisations from Switzerland and elsewhere. This unique place with its very special atmosphere is also ideal for conferences, seminars, corporate events and presentations in an extremely unusual setting.