A race track atmosphere at up to 50 km/h

At the go-cart track in Muntelier, Fribourg, the fun isn't just for the bigger kids: little ones aged 7 years and over also get to experience the kind of race track atmosphere enjoyed by Sebastian Vettel and friends.

HS 36 Skate Park, Lausanne

The Skate Park in the centre of Lausanne is a great meeting place for young people. This is where skating, roller blade and scooter enthusiasts come to have fun.

Lausanne is home to the annual Roller Contest and the doors of the Skate Park are always open to visitors.

Trottinett-Fun in Scuol

For more than a hundred years, Trottinetts (scooters) have been a popular leisure time activity. In fact, they are experiencing a revival at present.

No special knowledge is required for riding the Trottinet, is is almost as easy as walking and is suitable to the whole family.