The perfect excursion (3,089 m): Impressive and majestic, standing out against the sky, the Matterhorn – a national symbol – steals the show from the other 37 four-thousand-metre mountains visible from here.

Over 20 gigantic 4000 and more meter-high peaks surround the rocky ridge between the Findelen and Gornergletscher, at 1500 meters above Zermatt. Since over a century a cog railway has made its way here – and still does today, every 24 minutes.

Klein Matterhorn – Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

Your journey up the 3883 metre-high Klein Matterhorn will take you on the highest aerial cableway in Europe.

Europe’s highest viewing platform – and no cableway takes visitors higher! Amazing views from a totally different angle in a glacial world of snow and ice.

Pilatus, 2132m

Two hotels offer accommodation to visitors on Mt. Pilatus. For the nighttime breezes visitors are compensated by a spectacular sunrise in the morning.

Two hotels accommodate visitors on Mt. Pilatus. The nighttime breezes are replaced by a spectacular sunrise in the morning.

Üetliberg – Zurich’s home mountain

Views over Zurich city, the Glarner Alps, central Switzerland and parts of the Mittelland – at best from the climbable viewing tower.