Klein Matterhorn – Matterhorn Glacier Paradise

Your journey up the 3883 metre-high Klein Matterhorn will take you on the highest aerial cableway in Europe.

Europe’s highest viewing platform – and no cableway takes visitors higher! Amazing views from a totally different angle in a glacial world of snow and ice.

Pilatus, 2132m

Two hotels offer accommodation to visitors on Mt. Pilatus. For the nighttime breezes visitors are compensated by a spectacular sunrise in the morning.

Two hotels accommodate visitors on Mt. Pilatus. The nighttime breezes are replaced by a spectacular sunrise in the morning.

Üetliberg – Zurich’s home mountain

Views over Zurich city, the Glarner Alps, central Switzerland and parts of the Mittelland – at best from the climbable viewing tower.

Gelmerbahn – steeply up to the Gelmersee lake

The Gelmer cable car with its 106% gradient is Europe's steepest cable car. The ride in the open carriages takes one up to Lake Gelmer, which is situated at an altitude of 1,860 meters above sea level. The region where the reservoir is located is the starting point for hikes and mountain tours.

Those in seek of a thrilling ride find one here! A monstrous climb of maximum 106 percent undisputably makes this funicular railway the steepest in Europe.