Traversina-footbridge II

The second Traversina-footbridge is found around 70-meters further down the Rhine - and the first in a side valley of the Viamala Gorge.

Belalp-Riederalp suspended bridge

The connection between Belalp and Riederalp. For many decades, the Belalp – Riederalp trail passed only over the Aletsch glacier. Even small livestock was taken across to the other side of the glacier in this way. Metal ladders were later required on account of the shrinkage of the glacier, and today a suspended bridge crosses the ice-free gorge. Walking time 4.5h.

Vaduz - Triesenberg: A Royal Hiking Tour

Through the Prince's forest and via the Grüscha path up to the ancient Walser settlement of Triesenberg.

The Prince's castle high above Vaduz is not open for visitors, but you can walk right by it and through the forests of his estate and via the Grüscha path up to the ancient Walser settlement of Triesenberg. Every so often the light forest of beech trees opens up and provides a perfect frame for splendid views into the Rhine valley and onto the Alpstein massif on the Swiss side: a princely pleasure for every hiker.

On the Europe Route through Switzerland

In five days from Gspon via Saas Fee and Grächen to Zermatt.

The highest and most beautiful peaks of the Swiss Alps can be seen in the impressive mountain panorama on the Europe Route. The Mischabel group, the Weisshorn and of course the world famous Matterhorn compete for the favour of the observer. Only once does the path drop down to the floor of the valley, between Gspon and Zermatt. Otherwise the path snakes it’s way, sometimes in a daring manner along the steep sides of the Saaser and Matter valleys. Places such as Saas Fee, Grächen and Zermatt lie directly on the route. Five days of top class mountain walking.