The Chaumont Panorama Tower

The 15-minute ride aboard the colorful funicular to the Chaumont is a taste of the things to come atop the mountain.

Emosson – railways and reservoir

Three unusual trains take visitors to the Emossen Reservoir Lake. Even getting to Emossen by taking the train from Martigny towards Chamonix, traveling through the almost impassable ravine, is an adventure.

Four scenic railways lead to the Emosson reservoir. And adventure commences in Martigny, on through the cut out Trient Valley, finally arriving at the 180 meter-high dam walls.

Brienzer Rothorn

The three and four thousand metre peaks cluster round the Brienzer Rothorn. Early risers may be rewarded by seeing the sunrise between the mountains. There is a cable-car from Sörenberg and, from Brienz, the only scheduled steam-powered rack railway service in Switzerland. Various different opportunities for walking, with varying degrees of difficulty, or you can go right over to the Brünig Pass, 4.5 hrs.


Today's Bachtel lookout tower was built in 1986 and is 60 meters high. A viewing platform at 30 meters above ground offers beautiful views of Lake Zurich, the Linth Plain, the foothills of the Alps and the Alpstein mountain range.