Schilthorn – 007 James Bond

The aluminum-covered revolving restaurant "Piz Gloria" on the Schilthorn was used in the filming of a few key scenes in the James Bond movie "On Her Majesty's Secret Service". There is a permanent exhibition that reminds one of this fact.

"Piz Gloria" is the name of the scenic film mountain at 1300m above the traffic-free Mürren resort. And the scenery and panoramic views in front of the main alpine ridge are pretty impressive too.

Monte Brè – Views over Lake Lugano

Monte Brè towers above the city of Lugano and is considered to be the sunniest mountain in Switzerland. This might be the reason why the rare Christmas Rose (an endangered species) grows here, which can otherwise only flourish in Southern Europe. The funicular takes visitors up the mountain from Cassarate.

Since1912 funicular rail has been making its way from Cassarate by Lugano to the scenic mountain above Lake Lugano.


Today's Bachtel lookout tower was built in 1986 and is 60 meters high. A viewing platform at 30 meters above ground offers beautiful views of Lake Zurich, the Linth Plain, the foothills of the Alps and the Alpstein mountain range.

T.V. Tower Mont Pèlerin

The Mont Pèlerin Television Tower is 122 meters high. It is Switzerland’s only television tower that is also an observation deck, which is accessible by elevator.