Indoor kart track in Bonaduz

For everyone with a tiger in their tank! Karting at Event + Kart AG Bonaduz ideally complements the palette of traditional sports and leisure activities on offer.

Restaurant area subject to prior booking! Nowadays Graubünden offers much more than walking and skiing by way of leisure activities, there's no doubt about that.

Go-Kart: an adventure in high gear

Near Locarno-Magadino Airport, along the Ticino River, the Go-Cart-Run awaits visitors of all ages.

Villeneuve FunPlanet, City of Leisure

FunPlanet is unique. Nowhere else in French Switzerland can you find so much enjoyment under one roof! FunPlanet is the ideal venue for anyone in search of originality, variety, surprise, diversity and quality.

Baschweri Rope Park

In full view of the Valaisian Alps one glides safely on steel ropes through the romantic larch forest.