Bernese plait

A Swiss Sunday brunch without a Bernese plaited loaf is like Christmas without presents. The bread is especially delicious when you make it yourself and enjoy it warm from the oven.

Chocolaterie Stettler

Among the marvels created by this chocolatier are the traditional Pavés de Genève (Geneva paving stones), which can be enjoyed on the spot and also make ideal gifts to take home.

Alpine Cheese Dairy Morteratsch

The Alpschaukäserei (cheese factory), with its stunning views of the Bernina Massif, is situated not far from the Morteratsch Glacier. Watch the cheesemaker at work as you sample his handiwork with your brunch or Zvieri (afternoon snack). The Sennerei Pontresina cheese dairy's Glacier Fondue counts as an insider's tip. Purchase their products in summer or winter.

Fifty-five years after the last cheese left the Alpine peak of Nova, the Alpine Dairy in Pontresina is producing once again cheese in the traditional way on this idyllic mountain.

"Pavés" from Geneva

A speciality created in the 1930s by the chocolate makers of Geneva: little cubes of chocolate, dusted with the finest cocoa powder, that melt in the mouth. Pavés are just one of the many delicious chocolate specialities from Geneva, because the city is home to many long-established chocolate making companies (Auer, Arn, Stettler, Zeller etc.). Available from specialist stores.