Vaud-style tarte flambée

A new take on the “Papet vaudois,” a Vaud classic!

A thin, light and crispy dough, topped with potatoes, crème fraîche, spring onions and thin slices of genuine Vaud sausage.

By Train across the Vineyards

The beautiful vineyards of the Lavaux region may be comfortably explored aboard the blue and yellow “Train des vignes” (vineyard train). This special train evolves high above Lake Geneva and winds its way across the lush green vineyards up to the village of Puidoux-Chexbres.

Holy Cow! Gourmet Burger Company

Holy Cow! is about fresh, nutritious, and tasty locally produced homemade food that is cooked in front of your eyes and served to you in minutes.

Holy Cow! Gourmet Burger Company

Senda Ruinaulta: The Swiss Rhine Gorge Route

The view down into the depths is dizzyingly beautiful! The Vorderrhein has eaten 400 metres into the limestone cliffs of the Ruinaulta. Accompanied by the Rhaetian Railway, it winds its picturesque way through the canyon - this part of the route is particularly spectacular. The lookout platform "Il Spir" offers an impressive bird's eye view. The best way to get there is along the Senda Ruinaulta, an easy hike brimming with temptations.

Top class cuisine and spectacular landscapes - the road to the "Grand Canyon" of Switzerland is a pleasure in every respect.