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The Minster is the most original of the Romanic church buildings of Switzerland, an impressive basilica. All Saints', this former Benedictine abbey with the convent church that was consecrated in 1106 and the Minster tower from the second half of the 12th century, belongs to the few, well-kept, Romanic convents of Switzerland.In 1090 the foundations were laid into a five nave minister. The building process however was stopped at the foundations and instead today's Minster was built. The Minster tower was erected in 1150, and the spire is late Gothic.In 1524 the Benedictine abbey was ceased and the Minster became the parish church.Today the Minister's church service area belongs to the evangelical-reformed church community Schaffhausen-Münster and also serves as a venue for concerts.Kreuzgang zu Allerheiligen (12./13. Jh.)The largest cloister in Switzerland. Partly 12th-century Romanesque, partly 13-century Gothic, the cloister encloses the romantic, lovely cloister garden, the so-called «Junkernfriedhof» (‚noblemen’s cemetery‘) in which from 1582 – 1874 important civic authorities of Schaffhausen such as mayors, town councillors, religious ministers and other deserving townsfolk were buried.

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