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Fronwag Tower


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Fronwag Tower
The large market scales once hung in the Fronwag Tower, with which the goods- - that were unloaded from the boats in Schaffhausen and then reloaded further downstream after the Rhine Falls - were weighed. The scales are now kept in the Museum zu Allerheiligen.In the pediment of the tower you can see the astronomical clock made by Joachim Habrecht, which shows ten different possibilities: 1. Hours 2. Days of the week 3. Changing moons of the Sign of the Zodiac 4. Rising and setting of the moon in the sky 5. Location of the sun according to the signs of the Zodiac 6. Seasons 7. Equinox 8. Lunar nodes 9. Eclipses 10. Aspects between the sun and the moon. The black and gold globe above the Roman XII shows the waning and waxing moon.

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