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Known also as Metzgerbrunnen (Butchers' Fountain) or Vierröhriger Brunnen (4-conduit fountain).The biggest fountain in the city of Schaffhasuen, originally made of wood was build in 1524 stone. 10-cornered, 6 metres in diameter. The statue shows a bearded mercenary in contemporary costume with beret, baggy slitted trousers to the knee and baggy sleeves. He carries sword, dagger, and halbard and holds a shield with Schaffhausen coat of arms in its hand. This figure symbolises the defensive powers of the free and prosperous burger. Text on the fountains' column: "Ker in ker in bis Wohlgemuth ich schenkd dir in an Geld und Gut. 1524"means "I give to you in good will money and goods".

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