Motto del Gallo

A romantic stairway leads to the old, fortified village centre, whose history dates from the 15th century. Here, we are welcomed in the Restaurant Motto del Gallo with a heartfelt, friendly smile. On offer is magnificent Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, prepared with authentic regional products that have been searched out with passion. 17 GaultMillau points.

Bergbeizli, a mountain inn high above the grape vines


Escape with the nostalgic Älplibahn to the marvelous mountain world and taste the wine produced with much love and attention in the Bündner Herrschaft.

Schaffhauser Onion Pie

Perfect with a Glass of Federweisser

Sleeping in a Barrel

Sleeping in a Barrel

Two families in the wine village of Trasadingen in the Klettgau near Schaffhausen let you spend the night in old wine barrels.