Appenzell Beer

Grape Trail, Buchs

Grape Trail

Discover the world of grapes, vines and wine. On this adventure trail you will get to know interesting details on food theft, high treason and everyday life on the vineyard.

Von Grünigen family

Home-made always tastes best. Here, direct from the farm, you can buy cheese, tea, jam, dried meat and sausages and also, if ordered in advance, fresh Birnenbrot (a delicious pear loaf).

Art/Architecture: Des Trois Couronnes

This building dates back to 1609. "Vidomnes" (administrative representatives of the bishop of Sion) used to live here. A stone plaque above the ancient door is engraved with the coat of arms of the bishop François-Joseph Supersaxo. the building was restored in 1964 and is now a restaurant.