All in one Hotel Inn Lodge (Swiss Lodge)


ينصح به من قبل هيئة السياحة السويسرية

Unusual concept hotel, built in 2006 at the edge of the village of Celerina in a quiet yet central location. On offer are everything from dorm rooms to an XL-studio in a converted family and sports hotel with modern, urban interiors. Here the mantra "more vacation for less money" is practiced successfully. Snack bar or self-catering kitchens.

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لعشاق التصميم و نمط الحياة

Urban, no-frills room design in a refreshing outfit for the young and young at heart looking for lifestyle, action and design coupled with hospitality. Interactive bistro with cool drinks and multimedia highlights. The charming architecture with lots of concrete, stone, wood and glass is the work of the architects firm Fanzun of Chur. A hotel like no other.


فندق إقتصادي جيد جدا. قريب من مواقف السيارات و محطة القطار. مشهور بين العائلات. "موظفين متعاونين". "تجهيزات جيدة".

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