Paragliding: In the air..., Leukerbad - هيئة السياحة السويسرية

Paragliding: In the air...

Hanggliding school (delta und paragliding)

تكبير الخريطة
الطقس اليوم غائم جزئيا ‎19° غائم جزئيا
الجمعة 18<i>°</i>‎18°
السبت 18<i>°</i>‎18°

مشاركة المحتوى

شكرا لك على التقييم
Paragliding: In the air...
Experience the indescribable feeling of soaring silently and as free as a bird.

Enjoy the spectacular view of Leukerbad and the Rhone valley during a tandem flight. The Airtaxi paragliding team from Leukerbad offers you this great opportunity.



Launch and landing area:
Launch area next to Rinderhütte at Torrent (2310 m.a.s.l.)
Landing area at Obere Maressen (1500 m.a.s.l.) or Susten (630 m.a.s.l.)

More Information at the local Paragliding-Club:
Para-Team Leukerbad

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