Toddlers’ paradise

Lenk i.S. , Bernese Oberland

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Toddlers’ paradise

The Lenk Reka Holiday Village is a true paradise for toddlers. Right in front of your holiday home there is a traffic garden with over 200 kiddy-cars.

Our offer includes: 7 nights in a holiday apartment, free use of the indoor pool, Rekalino family programme and free hire service for baby items and excl. booking fee.

Special: Babycare from 08.03.- 07.06.2014

Price per 2-room apartment with 4 beds (type G):
01.03.-26.04.2014 من CHF 763.– (CHF 763.–)*
26.04.-05.07.2014 من CHF 602.– (CHF 602.–)*
05.07.-16.08.2014 من CHF 945.– (CHF 945.–)*
16.08.-27.09.2014 من CHF 763.– (CHF 763.–)*

صلاحية: 01.03.2014 - 18.10.2014

من CHF 602.–‎

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