Mountain air, sunshine and unspoilt landscapes!

Scuol , Graubünden

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Mountain air, sunshine and unspoilt landscapes!

In Scuol you’ll come alive no matter whether you are into sports or into just chilling out. It’s the perfect place for a family holiday. Our new sanitary block and common room blend in wonderfully with the mountains round about.
Our tip for you: Check out the Mineral Water Trail and sample that spring water.

Our offer includes: Standard area for 2 people, WIFI, power and tax included. Children up to 6 years free.

Price for Standard area for 2 people:
13.05.-04.07.2014/24.08.-19.10.2014: من CHF 46.– (CHF 46.–)*
05.07.-02.08.2014: من CHF 56.– (CHF 56.–)*

صلاحية: 30.06.2014 - 19.10.2014

من CHF 46.–‎

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