Sörenberg , Lucerne - Lake Lucerne Region

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Our offer includes: 7 nights in a holiday apartment. The village is set in the heart of the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch. With indoor pool, large indoor sandpit, Rekalino family programme and free hire service for baby items, there is sure to be fun for the kids and relaxation for mum and dad.

Price per 2-room apartment with 4 beds (type A):
01.03.-26.04.2014 من CHF 777.– (CHF 777.–)*
26.04.-05.07.2014 من CHF 637.– (CHF 637.–)*
05.07.-16.08.2014 من CHF 952.– (CHF 952.–)*
16.08.-27.09.2014 من CHF 777.– (CHF 777.–)*
27.09.-18.10.2014 من CHF 952.– (CHF 952.–)*

(excl. booking fee)

صلاحية: 01.03.2014 - 18.10.2014

من CHF 637.–‎

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