Switzerland's longest New Year's Eve

Interlaken , Bernese Oberland

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Switzerland's longest New Year's Eve

Celebrate this ultimate 3-day event with a gala dinner, open-air concert and a spectacular fireworks display. Pure Swissness is in store for you with the traditional Harderpotschete procession on 2nd January. New: incl. admission to Top of Europe ICE MAGIC.

Our offer includes: 2 nights, gala dinner, champagne, 30 min. carriage ride, open-air concert

Price per person:
من CHF 395.– (CHF 395.–)* in a double room

صلاحية: 31.12.2014 - 02.01.2015

من CHF 395.–‎

بدلاً عن CHF 460.–‎أنت توفر CHF 65.–‎

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