Chur - Arosa Bahn railway offers

Arosa , Graubünden

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Chur - Arosa Bahn railway offers

Chur is Switzerland's oldest city. And Arosa one of its most beautiful resorts. Between the two there are 1,000 altitude metres. And a truly amazing train ride.

Our offer includes: 1 night in Chur, incl. breakfast, 1 night in Arosa, incl. breakfast, trip aboard the Arosa Bahn (Chur – Arosa return), Chur: cultural offer (audio guide / city tour / museum admission), Arosa: All Inclusive Card (free use of mountain railways, admission to the local museum with the exhibition marking the Chur-Arosa Bahn's first 100 years and much more).

Price per person:
من CHF 211.– (CHF 211.–)* in a double room

صلاحية: 15.06.2014 - 18.10.2014

من CHF 211.–‎

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