Savoring Lavaux

Montreux Riviera , Lake Geneva Region

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Savoring Lavaux

Buy Lavaux wine and save on a hotel night.

Our offer includes: The concept is simple - purchase wine at a vintner’s or wine cellar participating in the Lavaux Vinorama, and receive a "Savoring Lavaux" voucher. Present this voucher at one of the participating hotels, and enjoy a discount of من CHF 20.– (CHF 20.00.–)* (single) or من CHF 30.– (CHF 30.00.–)* (double).

Price per person:
من CHF 65.– (CHF 65.–)* in a double room

صلاحية: 01.06.2014 - 31.12.2014

من CHF 65.–‎

بدلاً عن CHF 82.–‎أنت توفر CHF 17.–‎

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