The Kambly Experience

The "Kambly Experience" in Trubschachen is a veritable feast for all the senses. Here our visitors discover the secrets of the art of fine biscuit making, learn about the origins of Kambly and experience moments of pure bliss.

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Kambly multimedia show
We use light and sound to introduce our visitors to 100 years of Kambly history. They learn how, in his first bakery, the young company founder Oscar R. Kambly baked "Bretzeli" according to grandma’s original recipe, how he was constantly making innovations and how he started to make Kambly a household name in Switzerland.
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Show confectionery

Every day visitors get the chance to learn about some of the secrets of fine biscuit making when they look over the shoulder of the Maître Confiseur as she works away in our show confectionery. With advance notice, children and adults may bake their very own biscuit creations.
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Kambly Café

The Kambly Café is the perfect place to linger for a while. With a fine coffee or an exclusive herbal tea, visitors receive a little surprise to delight their taste buds.

Factory shop

Here, over 100 types of Guetzli (biscuit) may be sampled to one’s heart’s delight. And the gift boutique has even got the perfect gift for the loved ones back home.

Kambly train

There are hourly connections each day with the BLS from Bern and Lucerne to Trubschachen. From Tuesday to Sunday, the Kambly Train transports our visitors directly into this world of rich experience.

The Kambly Experience Tour
Discover Kambly's origin and learn more about the origin of its raw material for the finest Kambly Specialities.  This 30 km long E-bike tour will take you from Langnau through the distinctive rolling hills of the Emmental Valley, giving you breathtaking views over beautiful mountains and valleys. Learn more about the 14 Points of Interest in the free Kambly Tour app (available in English, French, German). Duration: Net length of the tour is 2.5 hours.
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Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 8.30 am - 6.30 pm
Sat, Sun 8.30 am - 5 pm
Special opening hours apply on public holidays. The Kambly Experience is wheelchair accessible and admission is free of charge.

Trubschachen is the perfect base for hiking and ebike touring.More information
Baking events for children and adults Reservations for coffee stops and aperitifs: +41 34 495 02 22

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