What is the Swiss Travel System?

Just imagine. A country where travel by public transport is as exciting as it is relaxing. All you have to do is come aboard!

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The Swiss Travel System offers you 27,000 captivating kilometres of public transport. We offer the densest public transport network in the world. And exclusively for visitors to Switzerland a unique choice of travel tickets which cover the entire country. Trains, buses and ships are ready and waiting to take you in comfort to your desired destination. Rail services are regular and reliable, with train departures every half-hour or hour. And the Swiss Travel System also includes a range of attractive extras.

The Swiss Travel System at a glance


  • 27,000 kilometres of rail, road and waterway routes nationwide
  • Regular, reliable timetables with coordinated connections linking more than 150 public transport services
  • World famous panorama routes; including the Glacier Express and Bernina Express
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Special tickets for guests from abroad

  • Attractive all-in-one tickets for unlimited travel in Switzerland by rail, road and waterway
  • Special transfer tickets covering travel from Swiss airports and border railway stations to your holiday destination – and back again
  • Regional Passes for unlimited travel by public transport in various Swiss regions
  • Family Card free of charge. Children under age 16 travel free when accompanied by at least one parent
  • STS tickets are obtainable from our Online Shop at all Swiss railways stations or points-of-sale worldwide


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