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General Facts

Tax free shopping

The VAT you pay on purchased goods in Switzerland is 8%. You may ask at the shops for your Tax Free Form and reclaim the VAT. Your total purchases in a shop must amount to more than CHF 300 (including VAT). You must be a resident outside Switzerland and the goods must be exported within 30 days. More information:

Swiss Federal Tax Administration FTA
Three easy steps to claiming your refund in Switzerland:

Step 1: Tax Free Form (Refund Cheque)
Ask the shop staff for a Tax Free Form (Refund Cheque) when paying for your purchases.

Step 2: Customs Stamp
When leaving Switzerland (before check-in), present your Tax Free form and the original receipt to Customs; they will export validate it. Have your passport, purchased goods and valid flight ticket ready for inspection; make sure the goods are sealed and unused. Customs is well signposted at all airports, land borders and ports. At the airport, please allow enough time for the export validation process before your flight departs.

Step 3: Refund Office
Show the stamped Tax Free Form (Refund Cheque), passport and credit card at a nearby Refund Office and ask for an Immediate Refund on your credit card. Alternatively, the refund can be paid in cash.

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