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Horgen: Bergstrasse 68, 8810

Horgen: Bergstrasse 68, 8810

Horgen has been a traffic hub on the north/south axis since the year 1230. This long period of time has left its historical and economic imprint on our town. Today this important district town has 18,000 inhabitants and is a popular location for living and working. At the same time it is the regional recreation and excursion destination.

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Due to its proximity to Zurich, the multifaceted small town on Lake Zurich meets the local inhabitant's as well as the visitor's need for cosmopolitan life and big city entertainment. Horgen is at the same time an abode of peace, of ambience and congeniality. The main street is part of the historic town center and is a car-free pedestrian zone. From the busy town center with its educational institutions and seminar facilities to the nature reserve and regional leisure time and recreation area, simply everything can be found here.


  • Coal mine Käpfnach – Switzerland's largest coal mine and adjacent museum.
  • Guided tour of the industrialists' mansions – affording a glance into the luxurious life of the "Silk barons" of this "Little Lyon".
  • Mystery Tour (10 PM to 11:30 P.M.) – introduces you to the secrets of long ago of Horgen.
  • Church – the Reformed Church with its unusual oval nave, built by Haltiner in 1782 in the Rococo style and its 70.5 meter tall bell tower.
  • Walking – a walk up Horgen Hill or through the natural forest of Sihlwald.
  • Sign-posted hike – Hike in the footsteps of the mule traders on their trail from Germany to Italy.
  • Boat ride– on Lake Zurich.

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