Ecology ranks high in Switzerland

Countless studies prove that Switzerland belongs to the world-best category concerning sustainability.

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Thankfully, more and more guests class quality as more important than quantity nowadays. Gentle tourism is on demand – meaning environmentally friendly, with importance paid to ecology. With its unspoilt nature, rolling hills, mountain landscapes, clean lakes and rivers, combined with reliable public transport system, Switzerland has a healthy advantage – as viewed in a number of studies:

Environmental Performance Index (EPI). The universities of Columbia and Yale regularly evaluate matters concerning the general environment, air pollution, the quality of water, biodiversity, handling of natural resources and climate change. Switzerland took the top rank in 2012.

Booz Allen Hamilton A course of studies by Booz Allen Hamilton on the topic of sustainable tourism pleasingly demonstrated that sustainable tourism is widespread in Switzerland.

Global Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2013 The "Global Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2013" shared the same opinion, and in the category “Ecology and Sustainability”, for which 140 countries were subject to examination, Switzerland took second place behind Sweden.

Mercer Studie In the Mercer International study concerning the quality of life in different cities, focus was on 221 cities throughout the world and the analysis and evaluation of 39 factors ranging from politics to business and the environment. Three Swiss cities came under the Top Ten: Zurich, rank 2, Geneva, rank 8 and Berne, rank 9.

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