Water-Land Switzerland

As compared to other countries, Switzerland has more than it’s fair share of water! And with no second thoughts, water in Switzerland can be drunk anywhere- including in the middle of town!

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Compared to other European countries, Switzerland has over-averagely large water reserves to fall back on with its many lakes, glaciers and naturally groundwater. Solely 2% of annual rainfall makes its way into drinking water reserves. The majority of water is collected in artificial lakes and dams from which electricity is generated. More than half of the electricity produced in Switzerland stems from these sources – in other words it’s renewable energy and CO2-free at the same time!

Swiss drinking water – a quality product from natural resources – of which 80 percent stems from natural springs and groundwater, and the rest from lakes. Strict regulations concerning water and the quality of it have led to such positive development that, in some places, you can drink straight out the lake without second thoughts! Swiss tap water also demonstrates a more balanced ecology as opposed to water purchased in bottles and mineral waters travelling from near and far.

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