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The WWF aims to halt the global destruction of the environment and to create a future in which Man and Nature live together in harmony.

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In order to achieve its mission the WWF is campaigning for the preservation of global biodiversity and reducing the use of natural resources to a sustainable level. The WWF is therefore working on four levels: in the field, with companies, politicians and the population. As such, the WWF also provides information on sustainable consumption and directly highlights options for protecting the environment. It launches regular campaigns to show the Swiss population how they can reduce carbon footprint. The area of "Holidays and Leisure" in particular offers significant potential. And with Switzerland as a holiday destination that's really close to home: low-emission travel, offers in natural surroundings, and relaxation from the word go! That's how beautiful protecting the environment can be.

Stay at home initiative

Under the motto of "More relaxation, less CO2" the WWF is launching a 'tongue-in-cheek' political campaign in Summer 2014: the "Stay at home initiative" - Yes to holidays in Switzerland". To this end the WWF and Switzerland Tourism are drawing up 10 specific ideas for eco-friendly holidays. Those who say "Yes to holidays in Switzerland" are not only benefitting the encvironment. Because there's also an attractive prize draw for 10 holidays for 2 persons staying for 5 nights in Switzerland's most exciting regions. Spare your nerves and the environment and discover just how beautiful environmental protection can be.

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