Village de Brontallo

Village de Brontallo

Baracca Backpacker Aurigeno / Quality-Artshop Maggiatal

Baracca Backpacker Aurigeno / Quality-Artshop Maggiatal

St. Carlo Robei

St. Carlo Robei

A region of extraordinary beauty that from Lake Maggiore (Ascona, Locarno) weaves its way through the Alps. A valley where nature, culture, emotion and taste come together perfectly: Vallemaggia, the magic valley.

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A valley where you can rediscover the traditional flavours borne of man and nature living in harmony for a thousand years. A region that knows how to welcome guests in the best possible way. From the typical “grottos” where traditional Ticino dishes can be enjoyed in the shade of the trees, to the many restaurants that use the best of the particular local products. And for a peaceful night’s sleep a vast range of accommodation where hospitality reigns supreme is waiting for you: from modern buildings equipped with every comfort to Alpine cabins.


In summer Vallemaggia is there to discover and enjoy, above all if you are not in a hurry and are observant… A dense network of walking trails extends for more than 800 km starting from the foot of the valley up to the peaks that reach over 3,000 metres above sea level. Often there are paths cut into the rock, crossing spectacular stone bridges and passing through typical villages with their churches and chapels richly adorned with frescoes. All this in a landscape that is still mainly natural where the course of the Maggia river and its tributaries have over the years created tiny beaches of fine sand, wide pools and majestic waterfalls.

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Vallemaggia Magic Blues - blues music show on the squares of the villages of Vallemaggia.


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