Vallée de Joux

Lake Geneva Region

Le Chenit: Le Sentier 1015m

Le Chenit: Le Sentier 1015m

Le Sentier: Hôtel-Restaurant 'Bellevue le Rocheray'

Le Sentier: Hôtel-Restaurant 'Bellevue le Rocheray'

Le Brassus: Col du Marchairuz 1449m

Le Brassus: Col du Marchairuz 1449m

The Vallée de Joux with its lake and long watch-making tradition is a world of its own in rugged and unspoilt countryside nestling between Jura Mountain Ranges.

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From Mont Tendre - the highest peak in the Vallée de Joux (1679 metres above sea level) - affords a fantastic view of Lake Geneva and the Savoy Alps all the way to the Bernese Oberland. The whole region with its many beautiful vantage points is a paradise for hikers, horse and mountain bike riders.

The Lac de Joux at an altitude of 1000 metres above sea level is the biggest water surface in the Jura Massif. Famous for its winds, it attracts keen windsurfers and sailors as well as other water sports enthusiasts and bathers. In summer there is a ship service. A railway line runs along the lake and through the pine forest and Jura moorscapes from Le Sentier to Le Brassus which for almost 300 years have been strongholds of the watch-making industry.


In the "Parc Jura Vaudois“ nature preserve hikers find extensive pine forests and the biggest ant colony in Europe which lives spread out over an area of 70 hectares. On the Marchairuz Pass which leads in the direction of Lake Geneva a walk on the Geology Trail and the Jura Flower Trail which is particularly colourful in June and July is particularly recommended. And the Hotel Marchairuz offers refuge if you happen to find yourself in the area on a thundery day.


  • Juraparc Mont d'Orzeires – American bisons, bears and wolfs live in spacious enclosures half-way between the Vallée de Joux and Vallorbe.
  • «L'Espace Horloger» watch mueseum in Le Sentier – history of watch-making and a precious collection of clocks as well as a reconstructed old watch-making workshop.
  • Parc Jura Vaudois nature preserve – impressive nature experience and beautiful hiking area on the first Jura Mountain Range between Lake Geneva and Vallée de Joux.
  • Fort de Vallorbe, «Pré Giroud» fortification – looks like a small chalet from the inside but turns out to be an underground fortification dating from World War II.
  • Vallorbe limestone caves with stalagnites – the underground drain of Lac de Joux has created a spectacular limestone cave with stalagnites. Features a «Fairy Treasure», a collection of minerals from all over the world.
  • Steam Railway – the 14-kilometre-long railway line from Le Pont to Le Brassus was opened in 1899. On a few selected days, steam trains operate on this line in addition to the regular trains.

Top Events

  • Slow Up – on one Sunday in July the roads around Lac de Joux are reserved for bicycles, scooters and inline skaters. Up to 30'000 participants take advantage (July).
  • Fête du Vacherin – each year, Charbonnières village stages the traditional Vacherin Mont-d'Or festival: market with regional products, presentation of new Vacherin cheeses and descent of the herds, with alpenhorns, bells and bands (September).

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