In the footsteps of Cäsar Ritz.


The king of hoteliers – and hotelier to kings. Follow in the footsteps of his career.

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All paths in the hotel and hospitality industry lead to Cäsar Ritz.
This is the central theme of the 5-km trail entitled "The life of Cäsar Ritz", leading from and to Niederwald, the birthplace of Cäsar Ritz. Hikers are taken through the life story of this Goms citizen, whose name is memorialized in Ritz-Carlton-Hotels located in over 20 countries, with the help of seven interesting information panels. Even in its symbolism, the trail follows the career of Ritz. A rough and arduous beginning that smoothed out gradually and finally merged into fine wide paths.

The "Regio+"-Project, set up bilingually, is self-explanatory and can be hiked in two hours. During your hike you will learn much about the visions and principles that found their expression in the world-famous "Ritz Philosophy": all-embracing hospitality and gastronomy, boundless luxury, ingenious hotel architecture conceived as complete artworks and places where kings like to sojourn. You can become involved here with both suggestions and action: perhaps by helping to build a hotel with wooden blocks, by formulating your wishes, or by playing the role of the young dairyman Cäsar Ritz.


More information about the Cäsar Ritz establishment.

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