Medieval small town


Rapperswil SG

Rapperswil SG

Rapperswil SG: Seepromenade

Rapperswil SG: Seepromenade

Rapperswil SG: Schloss

Rapperswil SG: Schloss

Rapperswil, the Riviera of upper Lake Zürich, promises its visitors southern charm. The small, quaint alleys in the medieval old part of town invite visitors to take a stroll or do window shopping. The Rapperswil castle is perched high upon a hill and contains a Polish museum.

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The region was known to visitors from the North already during the Middle Ages. Lake Zürich is situated on the route taken by the Jacob pilgrims who also visited Rapperswil on their way to Santiago de Compostela. A somewhat unsafe, tortuous wooden footbridge with loosely laid planks helped them make their way across the lake. The footbridge was replaced by a new, 841-metre long modern bridge in 2001. Crossing this new bridge is a unique experience.


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