Thal Watch Museum


The Thal Watch Museum invites visitors to time travel through 250 years of the history of Thal watchmaking. The exhibition is spread over two floors and shows amazingly rare objects.

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Watchmaking began early in the Thal region. The wall clock “Welschenrohrer Zyt”, which dates back to the year 1745, is an important witness to the history of watchmaking. Over 16 watchmaking firms and numerous subsidiaries associated with watchmaking were set up by 1960.

The Thal watch museum not only exhibits erstwhile products of various watchmaking companies, but also how the watchmakers created their products. Visitors can view a 100-year-old workplace in the museum. Workplaces dating back to the 1960s, with all their watch components and tools can also be viewed. In addition, visitors can glance over the shoulder of a watchmaker at work in the museum workshop. Workshops for schools or groups are offered.

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