The Aubonne Valley National Arboretum


Arboretum Morges Region

Arboretum Morges Region

Located in the proximity of Aubonne, near Rolle, the Arboretum cultivates thousands of trees for scientific research. It aims at species protection and at providing a pleasant natural site for walks.

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Since 1968, the national Arboretum has regrouped nearly 4,000 trees, bushes and ligneous plants on an agricultural and forest site covering an area of 200 hectares near Aubonne above Rolle. Coming from temperate climate zones, these trees are regrouped in copses highlighting their shapes and colours. The Arboretum also develops an ancient orchard that preserves old fruit varieties abandoned today. It has a beautiful collection of apple trees and wild roses. A visit of the Arboretum represents a 2-hour walk in a landscaped garden, with a stop at the welcome centre and a visit of its exhibitions. Entry is free.
Open all year round.

Wood Museum

This museum explores the uses of wood and the jobs involved in forestry and woodworking, so that the tradition of artistry in wood is kept alive. It also pays homage to the enormous inventiveness of our ancestors. 1,500 pieces are exhibited in permanent displays and annual temporary collections.

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