The Grand Lens Museum

Crans - Montana

Crans-Montana: Pas-de-Maimbré - Sion - Sierre/Siders

Crans-Montana: Pas-de-Maimbré - Sion - Sierre/Siders

Here there is a permanent exhibition entitled "All about Albert Muret: Auberjonois, Ramuz and Stravinsky in Lens". The work of regional artists is also displayed.

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The resort of Crans is located across the districts of Montana, Chermignon, Lens and Icogne, which, at the time, formed one single district, namely the "District of Grand-Lens". The development of this resort, the evolution of viticulture (which plays a key role in all the villages in the valley), and the increase in commuter traffic associated with the amount of people working in the lowlands resulted in radical changes in the region. The museum, which is aptly called 'Le Grand Lens' will, in future, provide an unusual and detailed testimony of the evolution of an entire region.

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