Porrentruy and Ajoie

Jura & Three-Lakes

The diversity of the rocky substratum, the forests, pools, rivers and limestone plateaus means that Ajoie, although it looks small on the map of Switzerland, has a rich and stunning landscape.

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There are six small and very individual districts there: Baroche, Haute Ajoie (with the Bure plateau), Basse Allaine, Vendline, Coeuvate and at the heart of Ajoie, the Porrentruy district. These are tiny districts with their own features and their own traditions, all of which help to enrich the culture found in Ajoie.


The landscape of Ajoie, defined by fertile soil and vineyards, is especially popular with hikers and bicyclists. Or even multiple-day rides with a horse-drawn carriage let you extensively explore the area. Known also as the “vineyard of the Jura Mountains,” the area is also home to the rare trees of the Damassine plum (used for brandy distillation).


  • Old Town and Castle - Historic town crowned by a castle that was for 200 years the residence of the prince-bishops of Basel, in Pruntrut (Porrentruy).
  • Botanical Garden – The over 200-year-old garden harbors over 80 varieties of roses and more than 180 kinds of Iris, in Pruntrut (Porrentruy).
  • The ponds at Bonfol – the protected ponds offer peace and quiet (Bonfol).
  • Grottoes and Prehistoric Park – Experience up close the evolution of the animal kingdom from the fish to the dinosaur. (Réclère).

Top Events

  • St. Martin’s Festival and Marin’s Market – The festivities celebrate the end of the work in the fields. Also represented are regional products, various crafts and customs as well as traditional pork dishes (November).

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