Skittles in the snow - Les Diablerets

Les Diablerets

Glacier plateau, Les Diablerets, Lake Geneva Region

Glacier plateau, Les Diablerets, Lake Geneva Region

The glacier plateau of Les Diablerets is wonderful for a summer stroll - demons only play skittles here when the weather is really bad.

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It is said that during bad storms the demons play skittles on the glacier plateau, throwing rocks at the 40 meter high rock tower, missing it most of the time. No wonder that people were scared on the other side - Alp Derborence, 1,500 m further down, is known for its rock falls.
However, sunshine turns the "Glacier 3000-" (at almost 3,000 m) from a playground for demons to a heavenly experience, even for the less surefooted. Flat and without dangerous crevasses, the permanent snow stretches out to the horizon. You don't feel like walking? Then take a ride on the snowbus or on a sleigh pulled by dogs. Experienced hikers can make their way to the Prarochet Hut and taste Edmée's fine blackcurrant wine and cakes - the best around! Continue on your way to the source of the Saane and pass Lake Sanetsch before reaching the cable car station for the return trip to Gsteig.

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