Traversina-footbridge II

Viamala gorge

The second Traversina-footbridge is found around 70-meters further down the Rhine - and the first in a side valley of the Viamala Gorge.

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Technical information

Starting point:Zillis (Post)
Destination:Thusis (Bahnhof RhB)
Bridge height:22 m
Lenght:56 m (Hängebrücke)
Panorama:Fantastic views over the Viamala Gorge
Catering:Zillis, Sils im Domleschg,Thusis
Accommodation:Gasthaus Alte Post in Zillis; Hotel Weiss Kreuz in Thusis
Comment:Recommendet Hike: Zillis (Post) – Reischen – Rania – Punt da Suransuns – innere Viamala – Traversina – St. Albin – Hohen Rätien – Sils im Domleschg – Thusis (Bahnhof RhB)


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