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Tgantieni: Lenzerheide, Acla Grischuna

Tgantieni: Lenzerheide, Acla Grischuna

Valbella: Lenzerheide Alp Stätz

Valbella: Lenzerheide Alp Stätz

Valbella: Heidsee - Bargias

Valbella: Heidsee - Bargias

Once just a stop-off between Chur and Tiefencastel, today Lenzerheide is an attractive holiday resort and a fantastic base for nature-related activities. Graubünden is Switzerland's outdoor capital, home to more nature parks than anywhere else in the country.

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Parc Ela: Calling all explorers!

Take a deep breath and get ready for adventure in Parc Ela, which is beautifully situated in Graubünden's Alpine heart at the foot of the Julier, Albula und Septimer mountain passes. Discover unspoiled nature and romantic villages, as well as the family-friendly nature explorer trail at Alp Flix.

Beverin Nature Park: an Alpine wonderland

Keep an eye out for the ibex that roam the summit of 3000m-high Piz Beverin. From here, the wild, rugged landscape spreads picturesquely before you, with deep gorges, crystal-clear mountain lakes and two different cultures to discover. Don't miss a visit to the Center da Capricorns!

Unesco World Heritage Rhaetian Railway: fascinating highs and lows

Travelling through breathtaking landscapes and three linguistic regions, the 130km long Rhaetian Railway is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that attracts people from all over the world. The highlight is the Albula-Bernina line, the showpiece of the Unesco World Heritage site and a flashback to the golden age of railway pioneers. Delve into railway history at the Albula Railway Museum.

Walking, cycling and mountain biking

SwitzerlandMobility gets the country moving. The only one of its kind in the world, this network of marked walking, cycling and mountain biking trails makes Switzerland a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.
Our tip: Via Albula/Bernina Railway Adventure Trail
Taking care of yourself and others and respecting the natural environment will ensure you get the most of your outdoor experience.More information

Sweet dreams

Valbella Youth Hostel The outstanding Valbella Youth Hostel has been awarded the Ibex fairstay platinum and Minergie eco certificates for sustainability.The view of lake Heidsee is simply captivating.

Schweizerhof Lenzerheide Design Hotel
Relax and reenergise in the wellness area of this 4-star superior hotel, which has been awarded the Ibex fairstay gold certificate for sustainability.

Regional specialities

Bündner Alpkäse / Chaschiel d’alp dal Grischun *

What it lacks in holes, it makes up for in taste. Made from raw milk, this delicious semi-hard full-fat cheese comes in mild, medium and strong, tangy varieties.

Bündner Torte *

Three pieces, five layers and one single producer - the Bündner Torte is a round nut torte with a praline filling - not to be mistaken for the Bündner Nusstorte, but every bit as delicious!

Bündner Röteli *

The sharp, sweet tang of mountain cherries shines through in Bündner Röteli liqueur, which is produced primarily in the valleys of northern Graubünden, using a wide range of different spices.

* Part of the culinary heritage of


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