Karstlandschaft Silberen


Schwyz: Talkessel

Schwyz: Talkessel

The rocky karst landscape of Silberen is unique in Switzerland as it includes the largest eroded limestone area in the country.

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Follow the signposted trail from the Pragel Pass via the beautifully located Alp Butzen (1,780m), where cattle herds spend the summer, and you can experience this special landscape at first hand. The rich variety of wild flowers is your reward for the steep climb: up here, leopard's bane, primroses and spring gentian grow side by side. But there are also plenty of animals to spot, including marmots and chamois. It is hard to believe that some 10,000 years ago, hunters are known to have stalked game in this sparse landscape.

One of the world's longest caves is situated nearby. According to the latest research, the labyrinthine Höllloch extends over 195 kilometres beneath the Silberen karst area in the municipal territory of Muotathal.

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Travel by car to Stafel at the Pragel Pass

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