Klein Matterhorn – Glacier Paradise

Your journey up the 3883 metre-high Klein Matterhorn will take you on the highest aerial cableway in Europe.

Europe’s highest viewing platform – and no cableway takes visitors higher! Amazing views from a totally different angle in a glacial world of snow and ice.

Titlis – snowy enjoyment even in summer

The aerial cable car to the summit of Mt. Titlis offers one of the most panoramic views of mountain peaks and glaciers. During the last 600 meters of the ascent the gondola lift revolves once by 360 degrees and gives visitors an unrestricted 360-degree view of the alpine landscape.

Grand Train Tour of Switzerland

The Swiss panorama routes never fail to fascinate. The most beautiful panorama routes in Switzerland in one unique travel experience. And with a single ticket – the Swiss Travel Pass.

Grand Train Tour of Switzerland

Üetliberg – Zurich’s home mountain

Views over Zurich city, the Glarner Alps, central Switzerland and parts of the Mittelland – at best from the climbable viewing tower.