Kammgarn Kulturzentrum (Gaberdine Cultural Center)


Schaffhausen: Vordergasse

Schaffhausen: Vordergasse

Schaffhausen: Stimmerstrasse

Schaffhausen: Stimmerstrasse

The Kammgarn Cultural Centre, a venue for a wide range of cultural activities, is located on the periphery of Schaffhausen's Old Town.

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There is a place between the watch factory, the museum and the banks of the Rhine where Schaffhausen’s culture flourishes. KiK Kultur im Kammgarn has been arranging events at the Kammgarn for over 25 years. These include all types of concerts, parties to suit all tastes, the Schaffhausen film festival, theatrical performances and the Irish Nights Festival. Before the events open, gourmets can dine at the attached restaurant, or, in summer, on the terrace under the chestnut tree. Here, guests enjoy food and beverages at budget-friendly prices while socialising with friends.

Recommended by Christian Beck

Christian Beck

Music is one of my passions. I play an instrument and love to attend concerts at the Kammgarn cultural centre or the open-air festival Stars in Town, which is held in the heart of the Old Town. In summer, I enjoy the hustle and bustle up at the Munot – from the children’s festival to open-air cinema and the Munot’s eight traditional balls, it is one event after the next.

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