Robièi / Cristallina – on the Basòdino

Mountain lakes amidst garnd granite and gneiss landscapes. The Cristallina region at the far end of the Val Bavona valley is shaped by an impressive mountain world accessible to visitors in summer.

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Following a long trip by bus and Postbus (change of transport in Bignasco) you reach the charming S. Carlo hamlet in the Val Bavona valley. A cableway with large cabins brings mountain lovers up the 900m climb up to Robièi.

The small roads of the power station together with hiking paths lead to the mountain lake. Very popular here is the challenging crossing of the Cristallina-Pass (2568m) into the Val Bedretto valley. By the Robièi lake you view a large round mountain hotel, and a little further down the Basòdino, while the SAC Cristallina alpine hut lies up on the pass.


Altitude: 1891m
Bus from Locarno to the Maggia Valley as far as Bignasco, change of transport to a smaller Postbus vehicle to San Carlo, cable car to Robièi
View: Over Basòdino with the Basòdino glacier and Cristallina mountain wreath, and from the SAC hut views into the Val Bavona
Attractions: Hikes to the lake, crossing of the Cristallina Pass into the Val Bedretto valley.
Culinary aspects: Hotel Robiei and SAC huts: Typical Ticino specialities, cheese from the Robièi-Lièlp Alp
Overnight stays: Hotel: 30 rooms, tourist dormitory, 33 places
SAC Hut: 6 bedroom, 61 places
Groups: Conference room 20 people, restaurant 90 people, seminars and lectures
Winter: closed
Special comments: Waterfall by the Foroglio hamlet, half-way to the Val Bavona valley

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