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General Facts

Telephone and mail

Phoning home and within Switzerland
If calling from Switzerland, you need to enter the international country code. For example, for Germany the international country code is "+49", for France "+33". The country code is followed by the area code (without the "0") as shown in the following example: "+49221123456". As a rule, the "+" sign appears if you press and hold the "0" key for a few seconds.

As a rule, all hotels add a surcharge for phone calls. With the Swiss phone card (Taxcard©) you can make cashless domestic and international calls from public phone boxes in Switzerland. The Taxcard© can be purchased from Swisscom Shops, post offices, kiosks and petrol stations for CHF 5, CHF 10 and CHF 20.

Post Prices
Swiss Post International is as reliable as a Swiss watch. They are your professional partner for worldwide mail dispatch with branches in western Europe and the USA. They attach great importance to personal service and offer you solutions tailored to your needs.

Post Services
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