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Lausanne - CHUV Ouest - Switzerland

Lausanne - CHUV Ouest - Switzerland

Lausanne - CHUV Est - Switzerland

Lausanne - CHUV Est - Switzerland

Lausanne - CHUV Sud - Switzerland

Lausanne - CHUV Sud - Switzerland

The villa of the Hermitage Foundation solely houses changing art exhibitions. What is permanent is the magnificent view of Lake Geneva and Notre-Dame Cathedral, a view that inspired the leading landscape painter Camille Corot.

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In 1841, the banker Charles-Juste Bugnion purchased a piece of land above Lausanne and built a stately mansion on it. The view from the mansion onto Lake Geneva and the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, the most important Swiss Gothic edifice, was immortalized by Camille Corot in a painting.

In 1976 Bugnion's descendents bequeathed the building and a part of the park to the City of Lausanne. At the same time, a private foundation was established, which owns paintings created by past and present painters from the Canton of Vaud as well as past and present foreign artists, including Bocion, Degas, Magritte, Oudot and Plazzotta. Every year the foundation organizes two to three large exhibitions of international importance.

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