Musical radio play "Jimmy Flitz - e Reis dür d Schwyz"

This delightful story is told in 18 episodes by dialect-speaking actors such as Büne Huber, Corin Curschellas, Marco Rima, Hanery Ammann and Christine Lauterburg. It also features 18 songs.

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"Jimmy Flitz, e Reis dür d Schwyz" is not only breathtakingly funny, it is also deeply humane and takes you to some of the loveliest spots in Switzerland.

On their way to the mysterious Menhiren, past thundering waterfalls and sacred lakes, a mouse and tiger-fly meet a bear-wolf, a vulture and a dragon. On foot and on wing, by train, boat and hot-air balloon, they traverse the highest passes and the deepest gorges... Immerse yourself in this mysterious world populated by fabulous mythical creatures! The story is a tribute by Bernese musician Roland Zoss to his favourite hero of them all, the cheeky little mouse Jimmy Flitz. This is dialect drama at its very best!

Sample: "Schwyzer Flitzer"

Suitable for children aged 5 and over and for all miraculous wonderbirds and wandering wolves!

The Three-part dialect musical radio play is available over-the-counter. Special stamp available at post offices.

Jimmy Flitz on Tour

Jimmy Flitz - ChinderWiehnacht:

Sunday, November 30 2014, 15h00: Meiringen, Michaelskirche
Sunday, December 7 2014, 14h30 & 17h00: Zofingen AG, Stadtkirche
Saturday, December 13 2014, 14h30 & 17h00: Bern, Franz. Kirche
Sunday, December 21 2014, 14h30 & 17h00: Lenk, Ref. Kirche

Ticketino & Post, Phone: 0900 441 441 (CHF 1.00/minute)
Espace Card, Phone: 0800 551 800 (freephone)

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